Women's Health : It’s A Problem

Obesity is on the rise. Or bulge. Whatever. Look at these stats:
  • In 1962 only 13% of the population had too much fat, then
  • In 1994 over 30% of us weighed in heavy, and
  • In 2030 about 42% of us will have an unhealthy BMI (Body Mass Index) unlesswe take action.
(Center for Disease Control, quoted by Nanci Hellmich, USA TODAY 5/8/2012)

Don’t Risk It
The problem with carrying jiggly fat reserves on your thighs, belly, and arms isn’t just about looking great and fitting into your skinny jeans. Being overweight drives up your medical bills and increases your risk for gallstones, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, sleep apnea, and stroke.
(http://www.webmd.com/diet/tc/obesity-health-risks-of-obesity 5/23/2012)

How to Lose Weight
What can you do to get your body back and be healthier? Try a good diet supplement, eat smart, and stay active. The best weight loss aids have ingredients that help you slim down naturally.

Raspberry Ketones help burn fat, and also help sugars and fats pass through your system without being absorbed and stored as they normally would. They moderate the hormone adiponectin so your fat cells shrink.
(Chie Morimoto et al., Anti-obese action of raspberry ketone, Life Sciences 77 (2005) 194–204.)

hCG Hormone-Free Diet Drops contain herbal extracts and powerful aminos to support your diet as you eat 500, 800, or 12oo calories and fol-low the Four Phases of Dr. Simeons’ famous protocol. Glutamine, Argi-nine, Carnitine, Maca, and Rhodiola maximize your weight loss results.
(Ok-Hwan Lee et al., Rhodiola-Induced Inhibition of Adipogenesis Involves Antioxidant Enzyme Response As-sociated With Pentose Phosphate Pathway, Phytotherapy Research, January 2011, 25(1):106-115.)
(Vanessa Mardones, Magnificent Maca, at communitypharmacy.coop/article.cfm?articleID=126 5/23/2012)
(Alison Steiber et al., Carnitine: a nutritional, functional, and biosynthetic perspective, Molecular Aspects of Medicine, October-December 2004, 25(5-6): 455-473) (Mayo Clinic, mayoclinic.com/health/l-arginine/NS_patient-arginine, 5/23/2012)

African Mango suppresses your appetite so you eat less, and feel full faster. It comes from the seed of the African Mango fruit and has been used for centuries by the natives of Cameroon as a famine food.
(Lesley Ainge and Nick Brown, IRVINGIA GABONENSIS & IRVINGIA WOMBOLU, Oxford Forestry Institute (2001), at carpe.umd.edu/resources/Documents/report-aingebrown2001.pdf)

Açaí [ah-sigh-ee] berry is a powerful antioxidant that protects your cells from damaging free radicals. It also provides the energy boost you need for successful weight loss.
(Texas A&M University-Agricultural Communications, Brazilian Açaí Berry Antioxidants Absorbed By Human Body, Research Shows, ScienceDaily, Oct. 2008, Web. 21 Jul. 2011)

Lychee Fruit Extract reduces visceral fat in the abdomen and improves insulin resistance. This new fat fighter shows promise in managing metabolic syndrome.
(Stephen Daniells, Lychee extract may trim waist fat: Study, Journal of Functional Foods (November 2009) at http://www.us.kenayag.com.pl/company/61.html 5/23/2012)

Grape Skin Extract (resveratrol) is thought to be responsible for the “French paradox”--the French eat a high-fat diet, yet they have a lower rate of heart disease than Americans. The resveratrol in red wine appears to offset the high-fat diet, because it releases the fat-moderating hormone adiponectin, which controls cellular fat levels.
(Nathan Gray, Resveratrol’s health benefits linked to fat hormone control, Nutra-ingredients USA, at http://www.nutraingredients-usa.com/Research/Resveratrol-s-health-benefits-linked-to-fat-hormone-control)

Maqui Berry is an antioxidant that blocks fat formation through the ac-tion of phenolic extracts. The berry grows in Chile and also has cardioprotective qualities.
(Maria Elisa Schreckinger et al., Antioxidant Capacity and in Vitro Inhibition of Adipogenesis and Inflammation by Phenolic Extracts of Vaccinium floribundum and Aristotelia chilensis, Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry, Oct 2010 Vol 58 Issue 16: 8966-8976)

Green Tea Extract is high in catechins and polyphenols which help to re-duce visceral fat, including abdominal fat. It also contains caffeine, which boosts energy levels to support successful weight loss.
(Mohsen Meydani et al., Dietary Polyphenols and Obesity, Nutrients, Volume 2: 737-751 (2010))

Diet Your Way
Customize your weight loss program to fit your body, your lifestyle. There is a weight loss solution for everyone—you can eat from the allowed foods list and follow the Four Phases~ 1. Load, 2. Lose, 3. Stabilize, and 4. Maintain ~or you can take a lifestyle product that only asks you to:
  • make smart food choices,
  • drink plenty of water, and
  • move around.
It’s up to you. Do your research, and choose a diet supplement that works for you. Weight loss can be this simple.
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