Allergies : Allergy Tools for Back to School

More than 3 million kids with food allergies head back to school each year, and parents and school staff must work together to provide a safe environment.

If your child has food allergies, the American Academy of Allergy Asthma & Immunology suggests working with the staff of your child's school in the following ways:
  • Complete an anaphylaxis action plan. (Available from Food Allergy Research & Education)
  • Inform the school cafeteria workers, teachers, and other staff of the child's allergies.
  • Provide a list of foods to avoid and offer safe alternatives.
  • Provide a picture of your child for the cafeteria cooks and cashier.
  • Pack bagged lunches if cafeteria options are limited.
  • Keep medication, such as epinephrine autoinjectors, in your child's classroom and backpack. Check with school administrators about their medication policies.
Before school starts, meet with your child's teachers, coaches, cafeteria staff, the school nurse, and any other faculty that will come in contact with your child during the school day. Find out what they already know about food allergies, and share information about your child.

Download FARE's Managing Food Allergies in the School Setting: Guidance for Parents for more information.

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