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Boosting metabolism can help with weight management, and here are some metabolism-revving tips you can try.

Some people are just born with a fast metabolism, while others may have to give their metabolism a boost. Likewise, men often burn more calories than women do, while people who are 40+ may notice a more sluggish metabolism. No matter your age or gender, however, there are a few steps you can take to boost your metabolism.

Some of the basics are to eat right, build muscle, step up your workout and to drink plenty of fresh water, since if you're even a bit dehydrated, your metabolism slows down. Building muscle, for example, burns more calories. Every pound of muscle uses about six calories daily, while each pound of fat burns only two calories daily -- and that can add up over time.

And speaking of muscles . . . a session of strength training activates your muscles all over your body, which can help raise your average daily metabolic rate. You can also use free weights, resistance bands, your own body weight (via lunges, pull ups and squats) to help build more muscle and to boost that metabolism.

Another possible way to increase your metabolism is to step up your workout with aerobic exercise. In fact, it can rev your metabolism for hours following your workout. Pushing yourself is key, and high-intensity exercises can glean a greater, longer boost in your resting metabolic rate than low- to moderate-intensity workouts can.

Some ways to step up your workout are to increase your workout regimen by 50 percent, to take a more intense class at the gym or to add spurts of jogging to your daily brisk walk or other workout.

You can also combine strength training and aerobic workouts to give your metabolism a double-whammy boost.

And don't forget to eat a healthy diet and to fuel your body with small meals or snacks every three or four hours to keep your metabolism stoked. Eating large meals with several hours in between them can slow down your metabolism.

If you want to rev your metabolism, try one or all of these tips.

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