Men's Health : Men More Focused On Partner's Weight

Jung Eun-jung, The Korea Herald, Seoul / Asia News Network

A new U.S. study has revealed that 48 percent of men would leave their partners if they gained too much weight, the Daily Mail reported.

On the contrary, only 20 percent of women would stop dating a guy who gains weight. The poll was conducted by and, involving 70,000 people across the U.S.

According to the poll, a third of both men and women believed that the opposite sex start to lose their looks at 40.

The poll also found men are more likely to lie about their number of sexual partners, and 42 percent reportedly consider women promiscuous if they have slept with more than 10 men. Women, on the other hand, doubled the number of sexual partners when considering a man overly promiscuous.

The survey revealed that two-thirds of men had admittedly fantasized about their partner's friends. Women are not completely guilt-free as a third had done the same. Moreover, half of men said they would like to be better endowed whereas only 18 percent of women wished the same of their partner.

Overall, the survey illustrated how men and women have maintained differing attitudes toward relationships over the years, said James Bassil, editor-in-chief of To see more of the Asia News Network, go to

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