Digestion : Triphala for GI Wellness
Three Simple Fruits: A Powerfully Different Approach

GI Tract Wellness is Critical to Life

Your GI (gastrointestinal) tract is an extremely complex system that impacts almost every other organ in the body. It is responsible for many vital bodily functions, including digestion, nutrient assimilation, and waste elimination—an essential part of the body’s detoxification processes. Your GI tract is also home to a significant percentage of your immune cells.*

New science has illuminated a brain/GI tract connection. There are about one hundred million neurons in the walls of the GI tract, about equal to the number of neurons in the spinal cord. Research shows that these neurons have a clear communication pathway between your gut and your brain. This explains why GI tract distress can be the result of anxiety, stress, and depression. It is also explains everyday expressions like “a gut feeling,” “butterflies in your stomach,” and why we seek “comfort food.”

The GI tract’s many vital functions, along with its immune and brain connection, makes keeping it healthy and in balance all the more important.

Triphala’s Unique Approach to GI Wellness

GI tract discomforts like bloating, gas, elimination issues, and feeling sluggish after eating are signs that our system is not functioning at its best.*

Unlike fiber, enzymes and probiotics that target discrete aspects of our digestive process, Triphala works by supporting the underlying health of the entire GI system. Made from three potent yet gentle fruits, Triphala helps tonify and nourish GI tract tissues. The result is a system primed to support better digestion, cleanse, more easily eliminate waste, and as a result, help you feel better.*

How Triphala Works

Triphala works in the body by supporting the underlying balance of the GI system. This principle of maintaining or restoring balance is central to traditional herbal healthcare systems.*

Triphala supports both digestion and elimination. The astringent and antioxidant qualities of its three fruits have been used traditionally to strengthen GI tract mucosal tissues and support healthy peristalsis (muscular contractions), used by the intestines to move waste through the body. More widely known as an intestinal cleanser, Tripahla also gently stimulates the intestinal tract to provide long-term elimination efficiency without irritating the bowels. Many herbal cleansers intentionally irritate the bowels to stimulate peristalsis, to achieve better elimination; however this approach can lead to laxative dependency. Triphala helps ease everyday digestive discomforts and enhance long-term GI wellness with a gentle, yet comprehensive process.*

No other product performs foundational GI wellness tasks like Triphala. For that reason, Triphala has been the cornerstone formula for GI health in the East for more than 1,000 years.*

GI Wellness Everyday

Triphala’s unique process for supporting GI tract wellness makes it both a good choice as the foundation for a GI wellness program and a good complement for other digestive aids, such as enzymes and probiotics.*

Healthy diet and lifestyle choices also offer important benefits. Eating fiber-rich whole grains, vegetables, and fruits can help move foods through your system, making elimination easier. Cutting back on excess alcohol intake, which interferes with acid secretion and nutrient absorption, is a step forward. Chewing food more slowly and more thoroughly helps break down food for easier, more efficient digestion. It can make food more enjoyable too. Simple stress reducers, such as taking five deep breaths, can help put your mind and digestive tract at ease.

A healthy GI system is key to a healthy life. Triphala is one of the keys to a healthy GI system. Support your GI system so it can support you. Visit www.planetary-triphala.com to learn more.*

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.
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