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Herbal crystallization analysis

Diagnostic method developed by Professor George Benner, a “Master Herbologist” and the author of Herbal Crystals as Curative Patterns (1979). Reportedly, Benner’s primary inspiration was a method of botanical identification developed by Rudolf Steiner in the 1920s. Steiner’s method involved crystallizing the sap of botanical specimens with a solution of copper sulfate. The result was a crystalline fingerprint of the herb. Benner similarly processed saliva. He decided that the resultant salivary configurations correlated with the configurations of herbs useful, according to folklore, against the donors’ health problems. Allegedly, the number of specimens of a single herb that match a saliva specimen is a barometer of the donor’s need for that herb: the more matches, the greater the need. Also called HCA, HCA test, herbal identification, Herbal Tracer Test.
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