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1. A form of energy associated with the motion of atoms or molecules and capable of being transmitted through solid and fluid media by conduction, through fluid media by convection, and through empty space by radiation. 2. The transfer of energy from one body to another as a result of a difference in temperature or a change in phase. 3. The sensation or perception of such energy as warmth or hotness. 4. An abnormally high bodily temperature, as from a fever. 5. The condition of being hot, a degree of warmth or hotness. 6. Intensity, as of passion, emotion, color, appearance, or effect. 7. A burning sensation in the mouth produced by spicy flavoring in food. 8. An Asian medicine term for over activity of any bodily process, such as the reaction to infection that results in fever. Elevated metabolic activity, inflammation, characterized by sensations of heat or warmth. 9. An external or internal climatic imbalance or ailment characterized by fever, aversion to heat, over activity, consti
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